Some people say that Cosplay is not good, then where is he bad?

We will always see a lot of bad sounds about cosplay in some places, but where is cosplay bad?

Let me tell you about where cosplay is not good!
Cosplay includes makeup, props, c costumes, etc. to restore a character. If you don’t learn makeup yourself, you need to spend 30 to 50 dollars for each makeup. A more general item is between 100 and 500. c service quality is good, but also more than one hundred, not to mention wig accessories or something, cosplay let a lot of “hands disabled party” experience the power to burn money and eat soil!

Some people say that Cosplay is not good

But also let a lot of courageous little partners have a special ability, such as makeup tailors!

Of course, let a lot of small partners in order to wear a beautiful US c service, to do a summer job part-time job, put aside the stupid behavior, do not ask the parents to spend money to play cosplay, which also means that they also know how to make money Now!

With the development of the animation industry, cosplay has gradually appeared in people’s sights, and many people who do not like cosplay have put on a c-shirt with a wig and sent a wave of benefits!

At the same time, there are also many bad people, using photography, cp, etc. to fool a simple girl!

This also makes many parents feel scared, whose daughter is not a darling, they are afraid that the daughter’s cos is like the “welfare” wearing, and afraid of being bullied by some quirks!

Cosplay is very bad, and burns money, no matter who can join, and as long as you just take a c suit with a wig can say that you are cosplay!

Nowadays, cosplay is not so much a role-playing. It is more like a dressing style, with a wig, wearing a c-shirt, and a makeup that doesn’t understand the character. This is not the usual change. Is the difference between beauty and beauty makeup, long hair and short hair?

And many people feel that they are in the exhibition, or they are cos, they can play freely, what are the niches, the cellars, but the people who come and go, there are always parents of the small partners, they are afraid of them, change I am even more scared!

And the worst side of cosplay is that he doesn’t have a new one, know how to play cos, how to protect your guide and instructions when playing cos!

Everyone joins in a ignorant way. When you are lucky, you can play cos better. When you are out of luck, you may be deceived by the bad guys!

Therefore, if we have the ability to do it, we can learn makeup and learn how to make props. If the hands-on ability is not good, you can save money, you can also play summer clothes, but don’t do stupid things, if you don’t have money now. Play cosplay, wait for your college graduation to play the same, after all, your favorite character will never stop, he will accompany you forever!

Some people say that Cosplay is not good

When playing cosplay for the first time, you can ask the friends you know, and you also like to play cosplay friends, ask them how to play cosplay, don’t just believe strangers, if you really don’t, you can ask me. I can give you answers!

When you see “welfare,” talk to your parents and explain, after all, they don’t understand, and we know these roles! Don’t let them have any misunderstanding about cosolay!

When you encounter bad guys and quirks, you should decisively call the police instead of making their thieves more thieves! If you see someone in the cellar during the exhibition, you should explain it to your parents, and you will have a big problem. This is the quality problem!

In fact, cosplay is simply a better way for us to get close to that character. It is also an interest of us. Let us make him better and become discriminated and misunderstood!

I am the cosplay of the second-generation cosplay Daquan, in fact, I am also like you, love cosplay! I don’t want him to be misunderstood by others!

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