Avatar or Naruto: Who’s a Better Wind User?

avatar vs naruto aang vs naruto

Found this funny anime spoof around the net and it really made me wonder who is a better wind user. If ever these two legendary wind users would fight, who do you think will win? the Avatar or Naruto?

Avatar Aang is a boy who is more than 100 years old. He only looks young because his body was sealed in ice ever since. On the initial episodes of the story, Aang can only use airbending. In the latter part though, after he finally discovered his full potential as the legendary Avatar, he is now able to manipulate water, fire, earth and even energy.

Avatar or Naruto

Naruto, on the other hand, is a wind-element ninja with the ability to ninja techniques and jutsus. Moreover, he has a “Nine-tailed Fox” inside him which is a great source of power which he learned to control later on the series. He was able to create the ultimate wind technique called “Rasen-Shuriken” which he developed from the “Rasengan” that his father created. Here’s a short summary: Naruto Anime Series

Avatar vs Naruto…Which side will you take on?

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